Thursday, March 4, 2010

children don't grow up

I got a new tattoo recently right on the chest plate. Which is much more painful than i was expecting. It took three hours to do the outline and some shading. A few weeks from now we'll spend another three hours doing the coloring. I had it done by my friend Gerry Harrison at Tattoo Zoo. This is the third tattoo he's done for me and definitely the biggest.

The idea for the tattoo came from this graphic art on The Arcade Fire's web page. Then we came up with idea of using a lyric from one of The Arcade Fire songs. I think it came out really good. I am kind of dreading sitting there for another 3 hours but i am also excited to get it done.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

In Case it Gets Away From Us

I went and skipped a month. I was determined to get on here weekly and failed. Oh Well. The good news is I'm only one pay check away from owning this beauty.

I can't wait. I've been waiting years to own a sweet road bike. i literally can't believe i'm going to have one so soon!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

i zigged when i should have zagged

Ever since "The Zoo Keepers Boy" I've been obsessed with theses guys. There new album is by far their best. They just may be my favorite band in the universe. Not only is their music amazing but their videos blow my mind. Their newest one for "Repeaterbeater" is semi creepy and everything I knew it was going to be.

"Introducing Palace Players" Is a little different, even the band admits there is no point in trying to derive some meaning from it. It reminds of 80's movie about space invaders.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

up in to heaven on a great dark wind

I want a vintage 70's typewriter. I want the plastic boxy frame bright colors. I want it to look like a toy typewriter. I want it to have a name like "cheeze whiz" or "remi." I want it not in order to feel elitist or as a "conversation piece" but to type away on in the spare room.

*Ca-tick * Ca*tick Ca*tick

For once i might get some real writing done. So, instead of telling my brother since the age of 16 "Yeah, I'm working on a zine." I might really have one close to completion. I might finally get a fiction piece done with out killing myself with constant over editing and just let a story be for once.

I think I've put a solid end to writing music or at least to putting it out there. I'm finally through sulking about it. My life is going a little too swell right now for me to be writing tunes about being hopeless cause i just don't feel that way anymore. I do miss being in a band. (r.i.p.) Now that that periods over with let me at least keep writing and give myself a chance to mature beyond writing popesque sad songs. Maybe make something darkly happy. Let me write from a new point of view. One with a clear head and open mind. Let me find myself in the middle of some real creative thinking. And please let me get there by way of some foresty green typewriter keys. I don't think it's too much to ask for.

i'm quite the locksmith

thinking i was locked out of the house after getting home from work i decided to try and break in through the window. Didn't think it would work at first because they have screens on them. but at my first attempt the screen ended up coming off effortlessly and quietly. However, when i tried to lift the window i remembered i have the strength of quadriplegic. Feeling defeated i decided just to try and walk in the backdoor (which was locked) until while turning the knob the locked unclicked and the chain lock slid right out of the wall with little to no effort. Turns out their was nothing but a little bit a of leverage holding it there in the first place. If we didn't live on base I'd get nervous. Then again everyone is human and this base has its fair share of weirdo's and murderers it turns out according to the local news.

Monday, October 26, 2009

because i'm not a twenty first century digital boy....but i do know how to read

This will be my only internet portal. I'm apathetic about myspace. I never cared enough to learn how to use my facebook account but I don't want to be left out either. This way I can stay in touch with the select few that I want to keep in touch with and not have to receive constant updates from people who I never knew very well in the first place. NICE! This may be the start of a very long and happy friendship with the interweb. All though judging by all the other blogs out there who stole all my original names this could be my first and last post.